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Easy crypto for real folks on Solana

$HOMIE: Zero fees and 100% vibes.

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Why $HOMIE Stands Out: A Coin for the People

$HOMIE sets itself apart with zero transaction taxes, burned initial liquidity for security, influential KOLs for widespread reach, and a strong community focus. It's not just a memecoin; it's a movement towards making crypto fun and accessible for all. Join the $HOMIE revolution, where every investor is a key part of our collective success.

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Enjoy 0% Tax on every transaction with $HOMIE. Keep what's yours, always.

Liquidity Burned.png

Liquidity burned for your peace of mind. With $HOMIE, rug pulls are a thing of the past.



KOLs onboarded, amplifying $HOMIE's voice. Our marketing is as strong as our community.

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Community Focused

Driven by community, powered by unity. $HOMIE shines with collective brilliance.

Liquidity Burned

Homie Series

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How to Buy

Install Phantom, create a wallet, connect to Raydium, and swap SOL for HOMIE in a few easy steps!


Install the Phantom Wallet

To grab your $HOMIE on Solana, install Phantom and set up a wallet. Click here for easy steps!


Fund Your Wallet With SOL

Now, load your wallet with SOL. Purchase SOL through a centralized exchange like Binance and transfer it to your Phantom wallet.



Connect Your Wallet To Raydium

Swap SOL for HOMIE

Moving forward, go to Raydium and ensure you connect your Phantom Wallet to continue.

The last step: Copy the HOMIE contract address into Raydium and exchange your SOL for HOMIE.

$HOMIE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

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